Why Orion?

Orion Governance innovates by focusing on unlocking the value from your information assets. We accelerate time to value by providing out of the box automated creation of an accurate, updated and auditable map of your information landscape. Working as partners with our clients, we enable fact-based decisions and actions on your information assets with the help of analytics and machine learning.
We give you the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph!

Accelerate time to value

Lowest TCO in the industry

Guaranteed information transparency

Build trust in your information

Near real-time updates

Rapid results with great precision

Automation creates and maintains transparency over information assets

Analytics provides insights to make informed decisions faster

Accelerate digital transformation

A central data & analytics strategy to drive revenue

Accelerate Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives

Accurate reporting

Improve financial performance

Optimize customer acquisition cost

Maximize profits

Increase retention & customer growth

Achieve & maintain compliance (GDPR, HITRUST, CCPA, AML, BCBS 239)

Successful audit compliance

Rapidly assess compliance risk, improve risk mitigation

Mitigate fines

Fast start to an effective information governance program

Transparency of data across the enterprise with confidence

Oversight into what and where information is used for decisions

Govern information consumption

Get consistent data

Build governance metrics, KPIs with trusted data

Build data focused culture

Machine Learning acceleration in business glossaries

Find data origin and source across all different systems

Build reports with trusted data

Eliminate data bias

Discover all the highest quality of data

Predictive models with trusted data

Artificial Intelligence

Democratize data

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Effective change management in information

Rapid impact analysis on information movement

Migrate only what is required & validate with confidence

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How CDOs Succeed: Accelerating Migrations with Metadata Automation & Analytics

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph(EIIG) Connects Your Employees, Information and Customers.

Empowering every business user to make the best decision.











Supported Technologies

We seamlessly integrate our information governance solutions from mainframe to big data to programming languages.

Discover, Trust, and Govern Your Information

Reduction in Licensing
and Maintenance
Costs by


5 Million lines of complex code, including
mainframe & 8 different technologies
scanned and connected in


Traceability of PII for HIPPA
compliance across 3 Mainframe
Systems in