Established in Silicon Valley in 1995, Orion is a global leader in automated data governance. We serve a range of business sectors, including banking, insurance, retail and healthcare. With a strong global presence and deep industry knowledge, we help our clients to build, enrich and expand their data governance platform to fully meet audit and compliance requirements.Our smart solution, Orion MetaDataHarvester (Orion MDH), sits comfortably alongside existing solutions, removing the need for huge deployment efforts. It also integrates seamlessly with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant vendors. Such is its ease and effectiveness, many Fortune 500 companies entrust the automation of their data governance to us.

Future-proof compliance and valuable business assets

Meeting global and domestic regulatory requirements has become a huge job, requiring costly data stewardship. A range of human and technological resources are needed to track data company-wide and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, BCBS 239 or PSD2.

We help our clients to ensure regulatory compliance and capitalize on big data, by turning divergent data streams into trackable, useable information. By uniting fragmented data and processes, we set organizations firmly on the path to compliance, while at the same time creating powerful data intelligence assets.

Our Open Platform brings organizations a true 360° view of their data, regardless of source. It mitigates operational risk by helping to strategize around data lineage, data sensitivity, access exposure and impact analysis problems. This facilitates effective information management, creating a platform of accurate, complete, and above all, trusted information. Free from the technical burden of data governance, our clients can cut costs and strategize, supported by a range of new data assets.