Orion helps global companies make better decisions by rapidly locating their sensitive information assets to mitigate risk, reduce cost & stay compliant.

Reduce your operational risk, product migration and licensing risk, and reduce the cost associated with impact analysis.
Gain insight into vulnerability of information assets, end-to-end visualization of information flow, and near-time view of Information flow at minimal cost.
Comprehensive governance of structured, unstructured and legacy data, regulatory compliance audit trail and GDPR compliance.
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5 Reasons CDO’s Choose Orion

Orion is used by some of the world’s leading corporations to help with their comprehensive information governance initiatives.

Organizations trust our secure platform, methodology and strong industry knowledge in building, enriching and expanding their governance platform to fully meet their audit and compliance requirements.

  • Global team with deep industry expertise;

  • Close relationships with industry-leading IBM and Collibra;

  • Orion ensures secure, open, fully integratable platform;

  • Rapid deployment with out of the box ROI;

  • Orion solutions adapt as client evolves and grows.

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Fortune 500 Companies Trust Us

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Holistic Data Governance Solutions

Orion is focused on one thing – helping companies keep track of information assets while being compliant. Organizations everywhere, from global enterprises, and across all industries have the need to understand their structured and unstructured assets. Our technical solutions are easy to deploy and have proven to dramatically reduce time and cost of collecting assets and business terms.

Start your GDPR compliance plan today!