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Orion Governance is changing the way enterprises accelerate time to value of their data assets with an industry leading self-defined data fabric.

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How Orion Governance Makes Data Fabric Easy for Enterprises

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) ingests information from more than 60 different technologies to automatically stitch a near real-time, self-defined data fabric. It is the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry, providing the visualizations necessary to catalog, trace, trust and analyze data while promoting confidence, transparency, and governance of the enterprise landscape.

AI/ML-empowered and automated data lineage, data catalog, and metadata analytics such as impact analysis minimizes human intervention and enables fact-based, more accurate and timely decision making.

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Company Recognitions

Save Money and Time with Orion Governance

30 minutes to trace PII for HIPAA compliance

Reduce costs by 30% on average

Less than 5 hours to scan 5 million lines of code

What Makes Orion Governance Different

Not Your Daddy’s Data Lineage

Orion supports deep, column and code-level lineage for the most modern tech stacks including Azure, AWS, Snowflake, GCP, Databricks, Python, and the newest BI solutions.  Orion also excels with traditional technologies like z/OS, AS/400, COBOL and ETLs…So there is still plenty for Dad too!

Traceability. Transparency. Ease-of-Use to Build and Elevate

Future-proof technology providing the best traceability for data lineage in the industry. Rated by clients to be transparent and very easy to use.

No Patch Work. A single, most comprehensive, and natively integrated platform on the market!

Broadest technology supports legacy to modern. Near real-time results, drill down/aggregation and great precision in analytics for decision making insights.

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Sample Technologies Supported by Orion Governance

Qlik partners with Orion Governance to better serve enterprises

Cloud Technologies Supported by Orion Governance

What Our Clients Say

“Overall, this seems to be the most complete product of its type available and Orion is committed to making the product work for its customers.”

– Metadata Architect in the Finance Industry

“Orion EIIG team has been very collaborative and listens to our inputs and fulfills them when applicable. We have a very complex solution which they have supported and provided end-to-end lineage in a constructive and innovative way.”

– Architect in the Retail Industry

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EIIG provides a data supply chain view of your information assets to solve regulatory compliance, impact analysis, test automation, and application modernization needs.

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FastStart is a program that includes installation, training and deploying EIIG to extract and visualize your end-to-end data supply chain workflow and assets. Learn more today.

Duration: 4 weeks