Data Lineage

Automated end-to-end traceability in near real-time.

Meet the Difference Maker for Data Lineage

Orion Governance Data Lineage

The Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is able to ingest metadata from more than 60 technology sources and automatically connects the dots across all data assets, including not only data but also code and ETL jobs, within the data supply chain. As a result, EIIG offers the most comprehensive and automated data lineage in near real-time.

Different from the Rest

Existing vendors may provide column level data lineage, but only Orion covers all the way down to code level data lineage.  Not only does EIIG support mainframe, DBMS, ETL tools, BI reporting tools but also programming languages including COBOL, PL1, Python, and more!

Enterprises and Teams Benefit

EIIG allows all users to participate and collaborate on this transparent view of their data supply chain assets. Our metadata lineage solution understands/discovers data types and status, helps build term definitions, and ensures efficient deployment of data lineage capabilities including:

  • Increased awareness, understanding and commitment within teams that are doing currently doing analysis and/or reporting so they could benefit from automated cross platform lineage.
  • Enabling teams to better manage design, testing, support, quality, finance (reconciliation) & risk (regulatory reporting).
  • Reducing up to 90% manual efforts that require integrated metadata such as data lineage reporting.
  • Improving reconciliation efficiency:
    • At an average bank, 1.5 to 2 percent of operating expenses are caused by reconciliation of transactions, positions and balances. The majority of these costs are labor-related.
    • Due to siloed applications, most finance departments spend too much time on data collection, validation and reconciliation.
  • Reducing cost % and time to value creating and enable trusted information with automated end to end traceability in near real time.

“We were under time pressure to show the regulators that we’re BCBS 239 compliant.  So we engaged a leading vendor who quoted two months and 150,000€. Orion blew me away when it was able to demonstrate value in less than two weeks.”

Enterprise Architect, Global Bank

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Orion Governance

Faster than any other data lineage feature available

Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership

Requires less time to implement and integrate with current technologies

Support for cloud migration and legacy modernization

Teams are happier using automated tools they can trust

Data lineage experts available to answer questions and troubleshooot

No-code solution open to all team members

Near real-time response provides teams with current information

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Data catalog experts put together a proof of concept in only 1-2 weeks

Focuses on the technologies the team is already using

Work with a data catalog expert who can answer every question

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Sample Technologies Supported by Orion Governance

Qlik partners with Orion Governance to better serve enterprises

Cloud Technologies Supported by Orion Governance

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