Data Lineage

Automated end-to-end traceability in near real-time.

Meet the Difference Maker for Data Lineage

Orion Governance Data Lineage

The Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is able to ingest metadata from more than 70 technology sources and automatically connects the dots across all data assets, including not only data but also code and ETL jobs, within the data supply chain. As a result, EIIG offers the most comprehensive and automated data lineage in near real-time.

Different from the Rest

Because EIIG is able to scan the source code and obtain the DNA of data sets, it provides much more granular data lineage than the competition. Besides, EIIG supports a wider range of technology sources. Not only does EIIG support the mainframe (including COBOL, PL1, JCL, and IMS), DBMS, AS400 (RPG), ERP/CRM (SAP) ETL tools, BI reporting tools but also programming languages including Python, Java, Scala and more!

Thorough Horizontal and Vertical Data Lineage

EIIG’s broad technology support enables enterprises to establish comprehensive inter-system connectivity and obtain detailed horizontal lineage that tracks the data movement and transformations within each stage, providing insights into how the data changes as it progresses through the pipeline.

EIIG also provides robust vertical/business lineage to track data flow from different layers from source to destination. By clicking on a hierarchy drill-down button, users can choose to see a specific view such as LOB, organizational, domain, or system.

In other words, different personas can view lineage from their different perspectives with the same datasets.

Key Benefits of EIIG Data Lineage Solution

EIIG allows all users to participate and collaborate on this transparent view of their data supply chain assets. Our metadata lineage solution understands/discovers data types and status, helps build term definitions, and ensures efficient deployment of data lineage capabilities including:

  • Augment data quality and propagate trust: EIIG offers unparalleled traceability of the origin and transformation of data, showing quality scores throughout the data pipeline and propagating trust at the same time. EIIG is embedded in a BI reporting tool such as Tableau, Qlik, or PowerBI.
    Data users can see the quality score, trust score, value score, and user rating right in a BI report and dive into data lineage right from there if so desired.

    By visualizing clear data lineage, enterprises can establish trust in their data and make better and faster decisions lineage provides different teams doing analysis and/or reporting with a better understanding of and trust in the data they are using so that they are on the same page and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Increase productivity and facilitate collaboration: Automated cross-platform lineage provides different teams with better understanding of and trust in the data they are using so that they are on the same page and collaborate more efficiently. With a detailed view of data lineage both horizontally and vertically, enterprise teams can better manage design, testing, support, quality, finance (reconciliation) & risk (regulatory reporting).

    Proactive alerting when calculations impacting a report have changed, providing a summarized and a detailed view of the changes and the reports or data models impacted is a game changer.

    You can proactively intercept changes that impact your data and prevent oversights which may result in inaccurate information being published to the regulators.

  • Optimize cost: EIIG reduces up to 90% manual efforts required to create detailed lineage. Cost saving is also achieved through improved reconciliation efficiency.

    For example, EIIG will greatly cut the labor cost to reconcile transactions, positions, and balances at a bank. As mentioned above, the availability of trusted information with automated end-to-end traceability in near real-time will shorten the time to value and thus optimize costs.

  • Enhance regulatory compliance and mitigate risks: Since EIIG data lineage offers truly end-to-end traceability, it enables both internal and external auditors to see a transparent record of data flows to ensure that data usage and handling align with regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

    Such lineage can also ensure that risk models are based on accurate data and thus more reliably prevent risky behaviors.

  • Conduct near real-time impact analysis: EIIG enables organizations to perform impact analysis in just minutes or seconds by clicking a data point in the data lineage graph.

    EIIG shows how changes in data sources, processes, or transformations will impact downstream systems, reports, or analytics. It helps automatically identify dependencies and potential risks.

“We were under time pressure to show the regulators that we’re BCBS 239 compliant.  So we engaged a leading vendor who quoted two months and 150,000€. Orion blew me away when it was able to demonstrate value in less than two weeks.”

Enterprise Architect, Global Bank

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Orion Governance

Faster than any other data lineage feature available

Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership

Requires less time to implement and integrate with current technologies

Support for cloud migration and legacy modernization

Teams are happier using automated tools they can trust

Data lineage experts available to answer questions and troubleshooot

No-code solution open to all team members

Near real-time response provides teams with current information

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Focuses on the technologies the team is already using

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