Orion Governance Supports DataX

DataX Description:

As an FCRA-regulated Credit Bureau, DataX champions responsible reporting and consumer risk assessment, while providing the most up-to-date, accurate credit data available. The insights gleaned from DataX’s services empower businesses to manage risk proactively, safeguard customers from fraud, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase revenue opportunities.

Read more at https://dataxltd.com

DataX Support Includes:

  • DataX – Database
  • DataX – ETL

Version Support Includes:

  • DataX
    • Versions
  • DataX
    • Version 3.0

“Tool has very good capabilities, and can work on many different types of code. We use it on PL1, Cobol and SQL. What we like best is the wide range of code it can work on.”

Development Manager, Banking Industry

Orion Governance and DataX FAQ

Orion Governance supports DataX technologies for Global 5000 companies in financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom, privacy, cybersecurity, and information technology. Learn more about use cases.

Orion Governance integrates DataX technologies like ‘Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)’ into its data governance platform to extract data from legacy systems, perform validity checks to enhance data quality, and load the data into a target database.

Yes! By integrating DataX ETL into its data governance platform – Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) – Orion Governance supports all types of data formats and different data flows through many built-in data connectors.

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