Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG)

Technology Agnostic Platform with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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Cut Overall Costs by 30%

Reduced licensing and maintence costs help clients see savings quickly.

Complete Scan in 5 Hours

Less than 5 hours to scan 5 million lines of complex code connecting mainframe and 8 different technologies.

Compliant in 30 Minutes

A transparent connected view of data assets is accessible and readily provided.

Information from Everywhere

The foundation is built on your existing IT-landscape. EIIG has the ability to ingest 60+ technologies. From mainframe systems (JCL/Cobol/PL1), to programming languages (Java, Python and Scala) in the Cloud and On-premises.

Inside the Orion EIIG Brain

Using Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Orion’s EIIG unifies data, connects business terminology and creates a data catalog of all assets. By connecting the dots, Orion’s EIIG allows one to make more informed decisions in near real-time.

Building a Knowledge Graph 

Make the most of your data. With process flows, data flows and active metadata, the knowledge graph automatically provides end-to-end traceability, impact, cataloging, connection to business concepts, policies and rules with Zero Impact to Production systems in near real-time.

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Product Feature Highlights

Orion’s EIIG ingests metadata from a wide variety of technology sources and processes it to build a comprehensive knowledge graph that connects all systems/applications within the enterprise together, thereby creating a self-defined data fabric. A self-defined data fabric is one that is built based on factual metadata, taking a bottom-up approach.

The EIIG platform automatically connects the dots across all data assets within the data supply chain to make real-time data lineage-based traceability possible. EIIG allows all users to participate and collaborate on this transparent view of their data supply chain assets.

EIIG automatically builds a Data Catalog inventory of all data assets at the organization using the metadata it captures when its ingestors connect to the firm’s systems and tools that produce, transmit, store allow consumption of data within the corporate data landscape. EIIG provides a search capability for the data catalog so users can quickly find the data relevant to their needs.

EIIG leverages Graph technology and Machine Learning to lead in the Active Metadata space by automatically building a Data Catalog with a search capability and organizing metadata for quick analysis, collaboration, process/change management and consumption. This capability clarifies meanings and allows for trust to be built and propagated across the data supply chain.

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