Orion Governance Supports Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Description:

Microsoft Azure, often referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers. Read more https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/

Microsoft Azure Support Includes:

  • SQL Database – Database
  • SQL Datawarehouse – Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Reporting
  • Azure Data Factory – ETL
  • Azure Blob Storage – Database
  • Azure Analysis Services – Modeling

Version Support Includes:

  • SQL Database
    • Version Analytics Platform System 2016-AU7
  • SQL Datawarehouse
    • Version Analytics Platform System 2016-AU8
  • Azure Data Factory
    • Version v2.0
  • Azure Analysis Services
    • Version 1.0.28

“Tool has very good capabilities, and can work on many different types of code. We use it on PL1, Cobol and SQL. What we like best is the wide range of code it can work on.”

Development Manager, Banking Industry

Orion Governance and Microsoft Azure FAQ

Orion Governance supports Microsoft Azure for Global 5000 companies in financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom, privacy, cybersecurity, and information technology. Learn more about use cases.

Some of the key reasons for integrating Microsoft Azure into Orion EIIG include:

  • Develop and schedule data pipelines
  • Perform SQL data analytics and big data analytics
  • Generate interactive reports
  • Create data lakes for analytics
  • Deliver integrated data to Azure Synapse Analytics to gain business insights

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