Impact Analysis

Real-time impact analysis is essential to agile development, cost optimization, risk reduction, and data-driven decision-making.

Automated Real-Time Impact Analysis

How Orion’s Automated Real-Time Impact Analysis Works

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence (EIIG), an industry-leading self-defined data fabric, offers a fully automated impact analysis solution to help enterprises meet the challenge.

This solution begins with ingesting metadata from more than 70 technologies and weaving it into a knowledge graph. This enables organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their information landscape. Both intra- and inter-system connectivity is automatically established along with end-to-end data lineage.

Enterprise teams can conduct impact analysis literally by clicking on a dataset in the data lineage graph and get results in seconds. That is how automated the solution is.

Orion Governance EIIG handles impact analysis

The Benefits of Orion’s Impact Analysis

This solution provides enterprises with a central point of control and removes fear of changes. EIIG is used to identify the dependencies between datasets and executables that are impacted by a proposed change. It enables small, reliable, and frequent changes that are essential to application development, data migration and compliance control.

EIIG enables enterprises to have comprehensive and accurate impact analysis. Since EIIG supports a wide range of technologies from the mainframe, AS400, DBMSs, ETL and Reporting tools, to programming languages such as python and Java, there is no broken lineage in their impact analysis. Because EIIG can get the DNA of complex data sets, impact analysis can also be conducted on a very granular level if needed and help eliminate inaccuracies. With EIIG, organizations can make rapid, complete, and accurate change impact plans and thus reduce change backlog.

Cost optimization and increased productivity is another key benefit of EIIG’s impact analysis solution. Enterprises will get fewer surprises and avoid wasted effort. Automation helps them shave off months of human capital intensive work. In addition, organizations become more agile with the ability to make small, reliable, and frequent changes.

“We were under time pressure to show the regulators that we’re BCBS 239 compliant.  So we engaged a leading vendor who quoted two months and 150,000€. Orion blew me away when it was able to demonstrate value in less than two weeks.”

Enterprise Architect, Global Bank

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Orion Governance

Faster than any other data lineage feature available

Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership

Requires less time to implement and integrate with current technologies

Support for cloud migration and legacy modernization

Teams are happier using automated tools they can trust

Data lineage experts available to answer questions and troubleshooot

No-code solution open to all team members

Near real-time response provides teams with current information

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Data catalog experts put together a proof of concept in only 1-2 weeks

Focuses on the technologies the team is already using

Work with a data catalog expert who can answer every question

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