Orion Governance Supports Huawei GaussDB 

GaussDB Description:

Orion supports GaussDB – an enterprise-class AI-Native distributed database. To know how we can help you, visit our GaussDB FAQ section.

Huawei Support Includes:

  • GaussDB – Database

Orion Governance and GaussDB FAQs

Yes, users will be able to see the metadata and the flow across a system using GaussDB.

Orion Governance supports GaussDB technologies for Global 5000 companies in financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom, privacy, cybersecurity, and information technology. Learn more about use cases.

The Huawei GaussDB used by Orion Governance is an AI-Native distributed database that supports efficient data import from multiple data sources. With GaussDB, Orion EIIG effortlessly handles massive data sets and provides enterprises with distributed databases that have higher availability, higher performance, and more diverse computing power.

Yes! With shared distributed storage, GaussDB enables Orion EIIG to achieve service recovery within seconds and zero data loss.

“Tool has very good capabilities, and can work on many different types of code. We use it on PL1, Cobol and SQL. What we like best is the wide range of code it can work on.”

CTO, Banking Industry

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