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Mission Statement

Founded in 2017, the name Orion implies a hunter mentality and also the rising in the sky and dawning. We named our company Orion to be a disruptor in the data management space with a platform to consolidate siloed data sources and fragmented data management tools into one self-defined data fabric.

Our motto is to leverage automation, AI/ML to provide a vendor/technology agnostic platform with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

In doing so, we help enterprises navigate the complex data galaxy and accelerate time to value of their data assets.

What We Do

Provide the most comprehensive data fabric solution available.

Who We Serve

Enterprises aiming to take control of their data and give their teams instant access to the data they need to excel.

What We Aspire

Disrupt the information management space and help customers reduce their total cost of ownership.

Company Recognitions

Why Orion?

Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry and provides the visualizations necessary to catalog, trace, trust and analyze while promoting confidence, transparency, and governance of the enterprise landscape.

Save Time

Discover your highest quality information in just a few weeks across all of your Information Technology Landscape.

Drive Innovation

Empower your employees with rapid insights to your information, lowering your operational costs and increasing revenue.

Reduce Risk

Achieve and maintain compliance.

Get In Control

Key to legacy modernization projects is understanding existing systems. Migrate only what is required and validate with confidence.

What Our Clients Say

“We were working with an ecosystem handling data repositories, data processing, and data visualization. We engaged one of the big 5 consulting firms to help us with SOX and Data Lineage. They gave up after three months. Orion Governance was able to step in and do everything we needed, including providing guidance from a business that had implemented, operationalized, and sustained medium to large-scale metadata management/lineage solutions in their business.”

- CXO, Global Industrial Giant

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