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Automatically Build an Inventory of All Data Assets

Quickly Find the Relevant Data

By connecting to the firm’s systems and tools that produce, transmit, and store data, EIIG intelligently captures and ingests metadata, and automatically builds a Data Catalog of all data assets and facilitates consumption of data within the corporate data landscape.

EIIG provides a search capability for the data catalog so users can quickly find the data relevant to their needs.

Better Manage Datasets

EIIG categorizes and organizes comprehensive and searchable metadata sets in such a way that this data catalog becomes the go-to spot for users to find, expand and collaborate on their data analytics efforts, thereby empowering them to drive business initiatives, enhance performance, and accelerate execution.

Having a data catalog allows the firm to break down complexities introduced by Big Data (unstructured data), Vendor tool environments that don’t interact with each other well, siloed business units, hoarding of legacy data fearing loss of future insights etc. It also helps to quickly break down data into business relevant data or technology relevant data. This helps manage the datasets better.

Built Within Days

The EIIG Data Catalog is built within days of an engagement with Orion and is kept up to date in near real-time.

The findings from the data catalog allow changes to be made at the data sources to manage data better and/or allows to transform the data in transit in the data supply chain, thereby optimizing operations to the needs of the firm, be it migrating to a cloud, building a data lake or lakehouse, or rolling out an ERP/CRM.

In all cases Orion EIIG is the tool to get for your Data Catalog.

Features of the EIIG Data Catalog


Search and Discovery

Possibility to search across all assets and information in an faceted way (browsing through system, schema, tables etc. without need to know table name.)

Data Profiling and Data Quality

Data sampling and automatic profiling: data preview, data classification, quality, statistics (e.g. giving information on technical metadata, what fields, values, sample of data, data quality classification).

Create Articles within the Catalog

Possibility to arrange knowledge tied to assets beyond 200 words (e.g. tags, information, how data model is created, how it can be used).

Custom Data Fields Available

Ability to add field to metadata model of data catalog to e.g. describe retention time, purpose ID etc.

Glossary Management

Glossary Management

Support for synonyms, acronyms, relationships, import/export (company/country level).

Asset-to-Term Matching

Matching assets like columns to business terms.

Data Quality Integration

Ability to integrate DQ functionalities/information from other 3rd party solutions into the catalog. To be considered how Data quality is presented in the tool (usability). (e.g. Great Expectations or AWS Deequ).


Ultimate Portability Options

Ability to export all data catalog contents either through UI or via dedicated APIs.

Security and Access Control

Security controlled access to datasets and granular authorization scheme for segregation of duties.

Clear Roles and Workflow

Ability to define role and data governance workflow in the catalog.

Allows User

Users can rate, endorse, add warnings, put deprecations on assets (will not be included in first stage roll out but minimum requirement for next stage crowd sourcing).

“We were under time pressure to show the regulators that we’re BCBS 239 compliant.  So we engaged a leading vendor who quoted two months and 150,000€. Orion blew me away when it was able to demonstrate value in less than two weeks.”

Enterprise Architect, Global Bank

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Orion Governance

Faster than any other data lineage feature available

Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership

Requires less time to implement and integrate with current technologies

Support for cloud migration and legacy modernization

Teams are happier using automated tools they can trust

Data lineage experts available to answer questions and troubleshooot

No-code solution open to all team members

Near real-time response provides teams with current information

See A Free Proof of Concept

Data catalog experts put together a proof of concept in only 1-2 weeks

Focuses on the technologies the team is already using

Work with a data catalog expert who can answer every question

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