Proof of Concept (POC) Registration

See How Orion Governance Works for You

Orion Governance Proof of Concept Includes


Check code dependencies.

Customer: Provide metadata extracts. Provide conceptual diagram walkthrough of expectations.

Orion: Verify extract formats count of assets.

Ingest Assets

Ingest metadata sources.

Customer: Make SME’s available to answer questions.

Orion: Glossary execute Term2 asset mapping


Traceability of critical data elements (CDEs).

Customer: Make SMEs available to validate results.

Orion: End-to-end lineage validation for 3 CDEs of customer’s choice.

Proof of Concept FAQs

Orion is here to help. Once a POC request is received, a team member will reach out and scope out each POC.

No credit card or payment is required. A POC is free.

No account is required. Orion will guide you through the POC process. Customers will provide metadata extracts for Orion to verify the extract formats and asset counts.

Customers may select up to two technologies and Orion will deliver an end-to-end lineage validation for three CDEs of the customer’s choice.

Yes, customers may specify the team members who will be part of the POC evaluation project.

After the no-cost POC based on customer-provided metadata extract, we offer an option to convert to a paid, 60-day engagement to further evaluate additional technologies beyond the initial two included in the free POC.