Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph

A cloud based, vendor/technology agnostic SaaS platform that provides the most comprehensive metadata knowledge graph in the industry. The EIIG has persona based visualizations, to create a self-defined Data Fabric, with detailed cataloging, traceability, data quality and analytics capabilities; the result of ML/AI automation, that enables enterprises to take control of their complex IT landscape in near real-time.

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Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph

Discover, Trust, Catalog and Govern Your Information

Reduced licensing and maintenance costs
To scan 5 million lines of complex code connecting mainframe and 8 different technologies
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To trace PII for HIPAA compliance across 3 mainframe systems


Orion EIIG has a comprehensive set of features to make the work of everyone involved in information governance more efficient.

Easy set up

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is easy to deploy and administer. There is no need for manual effort to define metadata. Initial setup and population of the system can be managed in hours as everything works automatically, out-of-the-box, there is no hassle and cost of creating and integrating separate mapping documents involved.


Orion uses technical metadata to govern structured assets and does not require access to customer’s data. Metadata can be extracted directly from source systems or discretely from export files or code. In either way the extraction process has minimal footprint and does not interfere with the operation of the source systems.

What Differentiates Us?

Accelerate Time to Value with the Lowest Total Cost

Accelerate Time to Value with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • It takes an EIIG Specialist only 1-2 weeks for a proof of concept and 4 weeks for a full scale integrated solution with visualizations of your landscape.
  • Zero programming or customization required.
  • Automated AI/ML powered mapping of Business concepts to technical assets.

Traceability, Transparency, Analytics, Ease of Use to Build and Elevate Trust

  • EIIG provides the best Traceability for Data Lineage in the industry and it breaks silos by providing a very transparent platform that is easy to use.
  • It is future-proofed by being technology agnostic, and leverages OpenAPI to integrate with external tools quickly.
Traceability, Transparency, Analytics, Ease of Use to Build and Elevate Trust
Comprehensiveness of the Product

Comprehensiveness of the Product

  • Broad technology supports legacy to modern.
  • Near real-time results, drill down/aggregation and great precision in analytics for decision making insights.
  • Different views for different personas of the underlying supply chain and data/information assets.
More product features
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Data fabric – How it works

EIIG unifies all data operations as a single self service, interactive, connected and architected system; that paves the way for Open Data, managed DataOps.

Supported technologies

Cloud technologies

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