Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph  (EIIG)

Platform Natively Integrates Data Lineage, Data Catalog, Active Metadata, Impact Analysis, and Metadata Analytics in One Single Product

The Comprehensiveness of EIIG

Automatically Discover Metadata

Orion’s EIIG platform automatically discovers Metadata across silos of structured and unstructured data providing a near real-time end-to-end view of your data supply chain.

It does this by utilizing ingesters Orion has created for over 70 supported technologies and leveraging Graph technologies to connect and organize the metadata for data lineage, transparency, impact analysis, operational execution and easy consumption by business, data and technology teams.

These capabilities together with active metadata enable organizations to build trust in the data assets within their data supply chain by raising the views on reliable/unreliable data and building the collaborative environment required to make the gathered insights actionable.

Different from the Rest

The comprehensiveness of the Orion EIIG platform is one of our key differentiators. EIIG provides broad technology support ranging from legacy architectures such as mainframe (JCL, COBOL, PL1, IMS), AS400 (RPG), DBMSs, modern architectures such as Data Lake, Lake House, Data Mesh, NoSQL, ETL and BI reporting tools, to programming languages such as Python, Java, Javascript, Scala.

The platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of all the data/technology supply chain assets by persona type with near real-time results, allowing for drill-downs and aggregation across multiple layers with great precision in analytics for decision-making and insights.

What is more, thanks to AI/ML-powered automation, this comprehensive platform can be deployed either in the cloud or on premises in weeks rather than months or even years with other vendors.

With Orion Governance, enterprises will be guaranteed to have the lowest total cost of ownership.

“We were under time pressure to show the regulators that we’re BCBS 239 compliant.  So we engaged a leading vendor who quoted two months and 150,000€. Orion blew me away when it was able to demonstrate value in less than two weeks.”

Enterprise Architect, Global Bank

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Orion Governance

Faster than any other data lineage feature available

Saves money by reducing total cost of ownership

Requires less time to implement and integrate with current technologies

Support for cloud migration and legacy modernization

Teams are happier using automated tools they can trust

Data lineage experts available to answer questions and troubleshooot

No-code solution open to all team members

Near real-time response provides teams with current information

See A Free Proof of Concept

Data catalog experts put together a proof of concept in only 1-2 weeks

Focuses on the technologies the team is already using

Work with a data catalog expert who can answer every question

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