EM360 Podcast Talks Data Governance for the Digital Age with Orion Governance

Check out this episode of the EM360 Podcast where Analyst Christina Stathopoulos speaks to Ramesh Shurma, Founder and CEO at Orion Governance, to discuss the current data governance space, bottom-up vs top-down approaches, and lowering total cost of ownership and increasing ROI. Orion Governance makes data governance easier with a platform that natively integrates [...]

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CDO Magazine Podcast Interviews Orion Governance CEO

The CDO Magazine Podcast features Orion Governance CEO discussing the importance of automation. Ramesh Shurma, CEO, Orion Governance, speaks with Derek Strauss, Gavroshe USA, Inc. Chairman, about his company's background, the challenges CEOs face, the strategy needed to run a company successfully, and the key to achieving automation. “Shurma shares that he founded Orion [...]

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A-Team Insight Features Orion Best Graph Database Solution Award

The A-Team Insight blog features Orion Governance winning the Best Graph Database Solution for Data Management. The blog includes an interview with Ramesh Shurma, founder and CEO at Orion. Check out the link below. "Silicon Valley-based Orion Governance has won the award for Best Graph Database Solution for Data Management in A-Team Group’s inaugural Data [...]

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Best Startups Ranks Orion Governance in the top 101 Business Information Systems Companies in California

"At Best Startup California we track over 300,000 Californian startups and over 1,500,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. We use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders and organisations we think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting. We’ve ranked the top 101 Business Information Systems companies in [...]

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IT-ZOOM Features Orion Governance Support for RPG

"On June 20, the Californian software house Orion Governance announced support for the RPG programming language. This IBM partner, founded in 2017, promises effective support in the form of metadata management for the modernization of proven applications from AS/400 times in order to use both the scalability of the cloud-based infrastructure and the availability [...]

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