The 2023 MAD Landscape is out and it includes Orion Governance. Orion is honored to be included in the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data (MAD) Landscape put together by Matt Turck. Check out an excerpt of the report below and read Orion’s response to the 2023 MAD Landscape here.

An Excerpt From the 2023 MAD Landscape

“The rise of data, ML, and AI is one of the most fundamental trends in our generation. Its importance goes well beyond the purely technical, with a deep impact on society, politics, geopolitics and ethics.

Yet it is a complicated, technical, and rapidly evolving world that is often confusing even for practitioners in the space. There’s a jungle of acronyms, technologies, products and companies out there that are hard to keep track of, let alone master:

The annual MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data) landscape is our attempt at making sense of this vibrant space. Its general philosophy, much like our event series Data Driven NYC, has been to open source work that we would do anyway, and start a conversation with the community.”

Read the full MAD 2023 Landscape report here.

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