Technology hasn’t always been core to retail operations but now retail data management cannot be ignored. Orion Governance Ramesh Shurma covers retail data management problems and solutions for CDO Magazine. Check out the excerpt below. Read the entire CDO Magazine retail data management article here.

“Just two years after COVID-19 upended the retail industry, a new set of headwinds are reshaping the sector. Soaring costs and energy security concerns are combining with the supply-chain disruptions and labor shortages sparked by the pandemic.

Retailers are having to rethink their strategies again, and what’s clear this time is that digitalization will no longer be a differentiator — it will be a lifesaver.

After migrating a large proportion of sales online to overcome the closure of stores and other outlets as part of worldwide COVID-mitigation measures, retailers are now looking for salvation in the data generated by their newly digitized operations. They’re focusing more heavily on mining insights from that information to do more than just sell goods online — they’re looking for ways to offer better experiences to their customers, streamline their back-office processes, and better manage their regulatory and legal compliance workflows.”

Read the CDO Magazine retail data management article here.

Learn more about the Orion Governance data management platform here.

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