Orion Governance CEO Ramesh Shurma’s latest article about the hidden costs of cloud migration for Forbes Technology Council is now available. While he doesn’t go into great detail about how EIIG helps accelerate cloud migration projects, companies will find advice on how to avoid costly pitfalls of modernization projects. Read more about the Forbes Technology Council article below.

An Excerpt From Forbes Technology Council, “The Hidden Costs of Cloud Migration”

“Cloud computing comes as a savior to those companies that have been stuck with the traditional on-premises approach to enterprise computing. The data centers are all virtual, and cloud providers offer SOC 2 compliance. The principles of SOC 2 are security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Scaling on-demand to address peak computational demands, point-and-click provisioning of new hardware and high-speed storage that is configurable all make it worthwhile.

The benefits attributed above have triggered a significant exodus to the cloud. As a result of that frenzy to catch up, little attention is paid to what is moved and how it’s moved, opting for expediency over the right way to do it. Companies have embarked on expensive cloud migration projects without putting proper thought into them. The net result is delayed projects and expensive failures.”

Read the full Forbes Technology Council Outlook here.

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