EIIG enables the acceleration of modernization/cloud migration projects in several critical ways, including:

  • Thorough understanding of the environment of the data assets customers plan to migrate: EIIG offers a full inventory of their data assets including codes and reports within hours to make sure every report, dashboard, metric, dimension is accounted for, the source tables are identified, and the transformation logic is documented.

  • Impact analysis and change management: With EIIG, customers can understand the impacts of any change within minutes. It can provide snapshot versions of the data landscape between iterations, enabling running comparisons and doing impact analysis for root cause analysis.

  • Solving the data bloat problem: Automatically identify information being stored with no use to business and redundant data assets such as duplicate reports, codes, and tables to dramatically reduce the scope of migration.

  • Identifying reusable data and setting up migration priorities: Empowered by AI/ML, EIIG helps determine which data assets can be reused in the new environment and set up migration priorities and approaches according to the popularity, criticality, sensitivity, and relevance to regulatory compliance.

In short, EIIG helps speed up migration readiness assessment and enables customers to take control of the implementation of their migration to cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS.

With EIIG , customers can be reassured that their modernization project will be deployed on time and within budget.