Orion Governance is one of the Top 10 Data Governance Solution Providers, according to GRC Outlook. Orion’s data governance solution Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is featured in the December 2022 GRC Outlook’s Data Governance Edition. EIIG helps enterprises accelerate data governance in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and finance. Read more about the GRC Outlook article below.

From GRC Outlook, “Leverage Automation to Improve Data Governance and Drive Faster Business Decisions.”

“Now more than ever, enterprises are striving to be data-driven to unlock the value out of data, their most important assets. However, there is a huge roadblock in their way—a lack of automated data governance.

“When there is no single source of truth due to data silos; when data quality is questionable and data trustworthiness wanting; and when processes and applications of policies, rules, roles, and standards rely on manual efforts and are thus prone to errors and inefficiencies, a data-driven transformation remains largely a pipedream. Fortunately, a solution like Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) can help address these challenges.

“With the EIIG platform, Orion disrupts the technology for data management, data governance, and DataOps by providing a self-defined data fabric. EIIG automatically collects all forms of metadata, be it technical, business, operational, or social, and builds a catalog automatically based on these facts of the data assets. This bottom-up, fact-based approach is essential to a self-defined data fabric with discoverable, trusted, and reusable data.

“EIIG offers the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry and natively integrates key capabilities such as data lineage, data catalog, and metadata analytics in one single product,” says Ramesh Shurma, Founder and CEO, Orion Governance.

Read the full GRC Outlook here.

Orion Governance is a top data governance solution provider