The latest Orion Governance SQL Projekt AG partnership is discussed in Digital Manufacturing Magazine. The news of Orion Governance and SQL Projekt AG’s partnership for the SAP environment is big news. Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) supports more than 70+ technologies. This latest partnership provides increased coverage for the EIIG data fabric to include all SAP software (R3, R4, ERP, CRM, HANA…). Transconnect becomes the SAP-certified Orion interface with this new partnership.

With EIIG, enterprises worldwide have a data catalog capable of:

From Digital Manufacturing Magazine:

“Stefan Ehrlich, CEO of SQL Projekt AG, and Ramesh Shurma, founder and CEO of Orion Governance: “Orion Governance and SQL Projekt have reached an agreement to unlock the full potential of their SAP data for future customers and to jointly acquire new customers for the Data Fabric platform from Orion.” Both companies plan to establish cooperation in the DACH market including additional markets in which Orion Governance is directly or indirectly active.”

Orion Governance is a top data governance solution provider