Orion Governance CEO Ramesh Shurma joins Julien Redmond on the DVIC Data Dialogues podcast to discuss data management tools. During the May 3rd DVIC Data Dialogues episode, the two discuss how Data Vault and Orion Governance’s philosophy of incremental changes to Data Governance, using Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) technology, are great tools to help data experts achieve the best outcomes.

Orion Governance is a new DVIC sponsor and became a Data Vault Innovators Community partner in April 2023. Leveraging the power of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology, this partnership reduces the time it takes for organizations to utilize their data to the fullest potential.

How EIIG Works with IRiS

Orion’s EIIG integrates with Ignition’s IRiS solution as its core data governance capability. EIIG’s extensive data features ranging from data catalog, data lineage, active metadata, and metadata analytics help accelerate the time for enterprises to transform their information into their most powerful assets.

EIIG is an out-of-the-box solution that enables enterprises to tackle their most challenging data management problems. With support for 60+ technologies including Python, Java, Mainframe, Snowflake, and AWS, EIIG helps enterprises go from zero to hero in only a few weeks.

Listen to Podcast Episode and Learn About EIIG

Learn more about EIIG and its wide range of metadata management capabilities including:

Discover the benefits of leveraging IRiS and EIIG by listening to the podcast here. Rather watch the video? You can also watch the video of the DVIC Data Dialogues podcast episode. For more information about Orion’s EIIG contact an EIIG expert today or register for a demo.

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