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Watch the DVIC Data Dialogues podcast episode video featuring Orion Governance CEO Ramesh Shurma. The podcast video features a discussion on data management challenges and how the right tools can help data experts achieve the best outcomes.

Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is a no-code solution that offers a wide range of automated metadata management capabilities including:

“With EIIG, we can better serve our customers with a trusted and business-ready data foundation and empower teams across their business to surface insight, build better applications, and innovate faster than ever before,” says Julien Redmond, CEO of Ignition and co-host of the DVIC Data Dialogues podcast.

EIIG Solves Data Management Challenges

EIIG provides the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry. The EIIG has persona-based visualizations to create a self-defined data fabric. ML/AI automation enables enterprises to take control of their complex IT landscape in near real time.

Key EIIG use cases include:

  • Cloud migration/modernization
  • Automated data governance and regulatory compliance
  • Cost optimization

EIIG is a vendor-agnostic platform supporting 60+ technologies including legacy, modern, and cloud technologies. This comprehensive support for technologies allows EIIG to provide a scalable solution that delivers near real-time results.

Want to learn more about EIIG, DVIC, and data management? Watch the video or listen to the DVIC Data Dialogues podcast episode with Orion now. Ready to learn more? Contact an EIIG expert to discuss your project and how Orion Governance can help.

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