We want to give a big shout out to Marc Hirschleber for closing 2022 with a well-organized DataCampus Roundtable which Orion Governance participated virtually on November 30.

The session was entitled “KnowledgeGraph, Data Catalog & Data Lineage in Action”. It was co-hosted by our founder/CEO Ramesh Shurma and our head of sales for the DACH region, Dietmar Büto, who spoke about automation, extracting information from various sources (code, databases…) within a Data Lineage/Catalog approach, and visualizing this valuable information by all stakeholders.

What made the session great was the excellent group of participants who asked a lot of insightful questions. We also appreciated the opportunity to show how Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) ingests metadata and automates data catalog and data lineage in near real-time. By connecting the dots, it allows customers to make more informed decisions. With process flows, data flows, and active metadata, EIIG produces a knowledge graph that automatically provides end-to-end traceability, impact analysis, cataloging, and connection to business concepts, policies, and rules with zero impact to production systems in near real-time.

Download the DataCampus RoundTable Presentation

If you missed the session and would like a copy of our presentation, download the DataCampus RoundTable presentation here.

To Marc, the good folks at DataCampus, and all the attendees who participated, we want to say “danke schon”.

About the author: Nancy Chou is the Chief Marketing Officer at Orion Governance, Inc.

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