Hello Orion Governance Community!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our team. As Orion Governance continues to grow and shape the data governance landscape, we understand the importance of having forward-thinkers and passionate leaders on board. It’s with this in mind that we introduce our new Evangelist and Product Strategist, Ram Pratti. Here’s a glimpse of what these roles signify and the promising journey ahead!

Spreading the Good News about EIIG

In the tech world, an evangelist isn’t someone who preaches religious beliefs, but rather someone who passionately advocates for a product, service, or technical solution. They’re the bridge between a company and its external community, working tirelessly to engage, inspire, and ensure our story is heard and understood.

For Orion Governance, Ram will play a critical role in building relationships with stakeholders, customers, partners, and the larger community who can benefit from Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG). They will ensure that we’re not just a company providing tools and solutions, but a brand that stands for innovation, reliability, and a vision for the future of data governance.

Ram will also be involved in product strategy. Product strategy is a key component in the growth and evolution of any tech solution. Our Product Strategist will be responsible for defining the direction of our product offerings. This involves understanding the market demands, foreseeing industry trends, and aligning product development accordingly.

With their in-depth knowledge, the Product Strategist will ensure that Orion Governance remains at the forefront of the data governance space. Through their insights, we’ll be able to provide our clients with intuitive, effective, and future-proof solutions.

Why This Matters

Adding these two pivotal roles underscores our commitment to the Orion community. As we embark on this next chapter, these additions signify:

Enhanced Community Engagement: Ram will be one of the voices and faces of Orion Governance, ensuring we’re actively engaged with our community through workshops, webinars, and more.

Innovative Product Development: Our Product Strategist will ensure our solutions remain best-in-class, catering to the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.

A Stronger Orion Future: With these roles, we’re poised to strengthen our market position, foster deeper relationships, and continue to be a dominant force in the data governance arena.

Why Ram Chose Orion

“Years back, I worked with Orion Governance as a data lineage technology partner to provide deep technical lineage to our data catalog/governance platform for a multinational large financial institution. After that, I moved into different directions and roles and didn’t have an opportunity to work with Orion for a while.

“Recently, I met with Ramesh Shurma (Orion Governance’s Founder and CEO) and the Orion team at Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit. At the event, Ramesh showcased how EIIG evolved from a data lineage product into the enabler of the data fabric. I was very intrigued by how EIIG completely transformed and the maturity and optimization of the harvesting engine that’s battle-tested by many organizations.

“We continued our conversations after the conference, shared our views, and learned that we have a similar vision. That led me to take this Evangelist role to bring that vision to reality. In the last few weeks, we had terrific conversations around: the current market challenges, why do many organizations want to move out of their current catalog implementation even after spending years to bring that to life, how can we help organizations adopt the active metadata cataloging capabilities of EIIG to get the value of their investment a lot faster, and also aligned on the vision to become the de facto augmented data catalog in the coming years.”

Orion Governance is more than just a company. We’re a community, a family of thinkers, innovators, and leaders. By bringing our new Evangelist and Product Strategist on board, we’re setting the stage for even bigger milestones and breakthroughs.

Join us in welcoming Ram to the Orion Governance family, and stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements in the coming months!


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