Woohoo! We are thrilled to announce that the A-Team Group has named Orion Governance as the Best Graph Database Solution for Data Management at their Data Management Insight Awards 2022 USA ceremony in New York City on September 22, 2022.

The A-Team Group provides in-depth knowledge and resources across all aspects of regulation, enterprise data management and trading technology in financial markets. It hosts a series of awards designed to recognize outstanding performance by the vendors of data and technology solutions to the financial industry. The A-Team invites nominations from across the industry, which are reviewed by their editors and advisory panel before a short list is opened up for voting. The winners are formally recognized at the celebratory awards ceremony.

“After Orion’s founding in 2017, this is the first year we were nominated for the Data Management Insight Awards. 2022 has been a tremendous year of growth and public recognitions. Earlier this year, we were honored to be ranked #1 on the list of data catalog vendors in the Dresner Advisory Services’ 2022 Data Catalog Market Study,” says Nancy Chou, CMO of Orion.

In the meantime, Orion has also been nominated for the Data Management Insight Awards 2022 Europe in the following five categories:

#19 – Best Data Governance Solution

#21 – Best Data Lineage Solution

#22 – Best Data Solution for Regulatory Compliance

#24 – Best Graph Database Solution for Data Management

#25 – Best Data Discovery and Catalog Solution

If you want to help spread the word that Orion is delivering world-class data management solutions, please enter your vote here before 7th October. Awards will be announced in December.

About the author: Nancy Chou is the Chief Marketing Officer at Orion Governance, Inc.

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