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How Data Analysts Meet Their Goals with Orion’s EIIG

Data analysts use Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) to better understand and explain data for their enterprise.

Data Analysts’ typical tasks include:

  • gathering data
  • manipulating data
  • identifying useful information from data,
  • and transforming their findings into digestible insights that management uses to prioritize business and information needs.

Data Analysts locate and rectify problems with the data they use, and create reports, visualizations, and models to deliver those insights. To accomplish these tasks, data analysts need to understand the entire data landscape they are working with. They need a clear picture of how their systems interact, how data flows through them, how much to trust data, and how much of their data is outdated or redundant. Furthermore, they must determine and then explain how the data they are presenting relates to management needs.

Much of the data analysts’ time and effort goes into gathering this information, and by the time it’s gathered, it’s likely outdated. The problem is finding a tool to present this information accurately in a timely continuously updated manner.

Orion Governance’s EIIG solves this problem. EIIG ingests metadata from 70+ technology sources without requiring any coding. It weaves the metadata into a knowledge graph, creating a catalog with detailed lineage and capabilities like impact analysis. It relates technical assets to business terms and builds a self-defined data fabric on the basis of the facts of the data assets it discovers. The result is a living, breathing map of information flow in near real-time.

Data analysts use EIIG to help:

  • Generate a score that indicates how trustworthy a report is
  • Provide a data quality score based on various quality metrics
  • See a complete view of data lineage and attributes for a report
  • Get lineage-based alerts automatically whenever changes are made to data assets
  • Leverage AI/ML
  • Provide teams with up to date information about data

EIIG can show a data analyst’s technical and business insights, illustrate the data flow to a report, and put quality scores and PII data at their fingertips. EIIG also shows information about the organizational hierarchy and lets data analysts annotate the report in various ways, making their job significantly easier.

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