Orion Governance, the Information Intelligence Company, and the provider of the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG), a self-defined data fabric, announced today it has released new cutting-edge capabilities. These highly advanced features offer enterprise clients automated near real-time detection of metadata changes and instantaneous notifications.

With the incorporation of AI and machine learning, EIIG facilitates the automatic capture of comprehensive changes, encompassing database system reloading, table additions and removals, alterations or nullifications of column data types, modifications in view definitions, and adjustments in ETL transformations, report definitions or lines of code.

What sets EIIG apart is not only the capture of minute changes but also the lineage-based alerting. Data citizens are now able to subscribe to specific assets and receive notifications about alterations. They can view such changes and trace it back to the individual developer or ticket that was behind the change in data lineage graphs and perform impact analysis if desired. For instance, users can place a watch on the database schema and if any new tables are added or columns altered, they will get a notification immediately with access to a visual presentation of where the changes occur in the EIIG data lineage graph.

These capabilities offer a wide range of use cases, with a prominent one being the preservation of accurate and timely reporting. By delivering near real-time alerts for foundational changes, enterprises can expedite their data validation processes, minimizing delays in the publication of critical reports. This also facilitates easy retesting of data quality, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Application Modernization teams can benefit from this capability as well since they will no longer have to migrate in the dark and overlook any changes to the sources while migration is in flight.

Ramesh Shurma, Founder/CEO at Orion Governance, expressed his excitement, saying, “We take great pride in introducing these enhanced features of EIIG. Our customers have voiced their need for automated tools to proactively guarantee timely and precise reporting while reducing operational costs. With these innovations, EIIG positions itself as an indispensable platform for active metadata and data governance, accelerating data-driven initiatives, be it cloud migration, cost optimization, or regulatory compliance.”

About Orion Governance

Orion Governance was founded in 2017 with a mission to disrupt the information management space. The company’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is a vendor/technology agnostic platform that provides the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry. The EIIG has persona-based visualizations to create a self-defined data fabric with detailed data lineage, cataloging, traceability, augmented data quality, and analytics capabilities; ML/A automation enables enterprises to take control of their complex IT landscape in near real-time. Customers include Global 5000 companies in banking insurance, retail, healthcare, telecom, and information technology. Key use cases include cloud migration/modernization, automated data governance and regulatory compliance, and cost optimization. Orion is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with global offices in other US cities, Estonia, Sweden, Singapore, Germany and India. www.oriongovernance.com

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