Orion Governance, a leader in Metadata Management solutions and the provider of the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG), the foundation for the data fabric, announced the support for the Python programming language.

Ranked as one of the top 3 popular programming languages in the world, Python is a general purpose programming language conceived in 1991. It is recognized for the wide variety of programming functionality packaged in modules, supported by a worldwide community, resulting in the ease of programming using Python. Python is widely adopted across all industries including: Insurance, Banking, Finance, and Healthcare, and used for web development, gaming, scientific applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning and other application development.

“The result of a powerful language like Python is millions of lines of code. The flip side of this is the need for enterprises to take control of their Python assets to address needs such as Security, Data Trust, Data Traceability and manage changes more effectively. Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is the only platform that offers the ability to process Python scripts and allow for cataloging, lineage, impact analysis, data profiling and capturing the flow of information between Python, Java, SQL, Spark and other technologies. The net result is better Data Science, reliable Data Science models and effective insight into what is going on inside the code, without needing to be a programming guru,” says Ramesh Shurma, Orion CEO.

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