Irion, a leader in the Enterprise Data Management market and producer of Irion EDM, a unified data management platform and Orion Governance, the Information Intelligence Company, and provider of the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG), a self-defined data fabric, have reached a partnership agreement to leverage the synergies between the two companies to offer the most advanced enterprise data management solutions.

With this partnership agreement, Irion will enrich its offering with advanced metadata-management and data lineage capabilities from Orion Governance’s EIIG: Orion Governance’s intelligent and automated ingestors will further enhance Irion EDM capabilities of connecting with any data source and legacy application within a complex organization. The two companies are also exploring possibilities of expanding the partnership to other areas of data management. By leveraging Irion EDM functionalities, Orion Governance can also enhance its solutions and bring new value to their customers.

“I am very confident that the partnership with Orion Governance will bring us new opportunities in our current market as well as in new ones,” says Alberto Scavino, Co-founder and CEO at Irion. “EIIG’s core capabilities can further enhance Irion EDM’s active metadata management and data governance offerings. The new combined solution will enable our customers to harness the value of their data more quickly and efficiently. Irion will bring to the partnership over 20 years of experience and success in advanced data quality and data management, which I am sure will be of utmost importance for the growth plans of both companies.”

Ramesh Shurma, Founder and CEO at Orion Governance, comments, “It is thrilling to see two innovative companies joining forces to build solutions to help enterprises manage and govern their data for AI-driven initiatives. We are looking forward to working with the Irion team to expand Orion Governance’s footprint in Italy.”

About Irion

Irion is an Italian software house established in 2004, highly skilled in Enterprise Data Management technologies and solutions. With over 20 years of experience, chosen by 8 out of 10 major Italian banking groups, half of the major insurance companies, and large energy and manufacturing customers, Irion EDM® is the first end-to-end platform with a declarative paradigm for Enterprise Data Management.

Supporting a fully and natively metadata-driven working model, users can collect data from any source (on-prem or cloud), govern it to ensure its correct use, transform it and share it with various stakeholders. In addition, they can design complete vertical solutions to meet specific business needs. Gartner awarded Irion two Honorable Mentions: Data Quality Solutions and Data Integration Tools. Irion is headquartered in Turin, Italy, with offices in Milan and Madrid.

About Orion Governance

Orion Governance was founded in 2017 with a mission to disrupt the information management space. The company’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) leverages deep knowledge of technologies, AI/ML and LLM’s in providing a vendor/technology/cloud agnostic single-pane view and near real time capabilities through the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry. The EIIG has persona-based visualizations to create a self-defined data fabric with detailed data lineage, cataloging, traceability, augmented data quality, and analytics capabilities; ML/AI automation enables enterprises to take control of their complex IT landscape in near real-time. Customers include Global 5000 companies in banking insurance, retail, healthcare, telecom, and information technology. Orion’s technology has been pivotal to a number of Global banks in helping them comply with Basel III endgame and other critical regulations. In addition to this, key use cases include acceleration of cloud migration/modernization, data governance and regulatory compliance, and cost optimization. Orion is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with global offices in other US cities, Estonia, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, India, and Ecuador.

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