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Save Money and Time with Orion’s EIIG

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) helps enterprises achieve the lowest total cost of ownership by leveraging automation and an all-in-one platform solution.

EIIG can ensure the lowest total cost of ownership because:

  • EIIG is highly automated. EIIG is easy to implement and use. EIIG can be deployed in weeks rather than months or even years. Customers don’t need to hire any consultants to deploy EIIG.
  • EIIG can be deployed any way a client prefers, whether it is on prem, SaaS or PaaS. This flexibility of deployment can help reduce costs.
  • EIIG is one platform with natively integrated capabilities such as
    • data lineage,
    • data catalog,
    • impact analysis
    • and metadata analytics like similarity analysis.

  • Customers don’t need to spend any time figuring out how to make different modules work together as in the case of some other solutions.
  • EIIG enables self-service and collaboration. Different personas can get what they need from the same set of metadata.

  • Collaboration is made easy since everyone is working with the same centralized intelligence graph with easy access.

Watch the Orion Governance FAQ video to learn more.

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