The cover story on the October edition of BI-Spektrum is an interview with Orion Governance CEO Ramesh Shurma discussing knowledge graphs. Christoph Witte, BI-Spektrum editor-in-chief, sits down with Shurma to discuss the function of a knowledge graph and its areas of application.

The article highlights Orion Governance’s approach to a knowledge graph including the use of metadata that makes it possible to create a data fabric within weeks that is automatically kept up to date.

“…Companies use data and information technology today in the same way we used paper maps in the past. The information flows are printed on paper and often have not been updated for 10-15 years. At Orion, we have developed a way to automatically display these information flows on a map in near real time as soon as the information from mainframes, databases or other IT systems is used by the various consumers. The resulting knowledge graphs can be enriched with information about the speed of data transport, the quality of the data, the reliability of their availability, etc. If you like, this is a mixture of information map and system management information.” – Orion Governance Ramesh Shurma discussing knowledge graphs

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The Orion Governance article and more is available in the digital version of BI-Spektrum which is available for purchase here. A pdf featuring the Orion Governance knowledge graph article is available via download here. Note that both the magazine and pdf are in the German language and have not been translated.

Screenshot of CDO Magazine Podcast Orion Governance episode on automation