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Enterprises have a plethora of applications that are involved in data movement and analytics. This landscape is a heterogeneous mix of technologies and vendors, both on-premise and hybrid multi-cloud. Enterprises are facing a daunting challenge: data is often siloed and fragmented, preventing businesses from fully realizing its value.

Regulatory compliance and application modernization pressures have accelerated the need for cataloging the information assets and providing insight into the flow of information (data lineage) without requiring employees, particularly business users, to be experts in all the technologies. The pandemic and the popularity of the cloud platforms have converged, thereby requiring companies to rely on automation to stay competitive.

Key takeaways:
– How Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) incorporates active metadata, automation, and automatic data lineage to create a self-defined data fabric.

– Drive trust in analytics through automation technology.

– Optimize costs, become compliant, and provide a living-breathing document of the assets within your enterprise.

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