Modernization – Platform, Application, Data

Orion Governance Use Case

Handling Modernization With Ease

We live in an era of disruption and digital transformations. Firms are seeking ways to be competitive by migrating to the Cloud to one, reduce their technology footprint and two, reduce their existing security risk of on-premise solutions. They are also attempting multi-year road-map efforts to Modernize their Platform by migrating to a central repository like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, Snowflake, a Data Lake or they are looking to refactor their code and identify tools that can be replaced or decommissioned or they are looking for hidden data factories and non-value-add processes that can be eliminated from their legacy infrastructure. All of these require significant change management components to reduce risks as a result of the Migrations/Modernizations. There are also Metadata inconsistency issues, Data Quality business rules inconsistencies, Master Data and Data Governance concerns that have to be grappled with and addressed.

Modernization means change. And change is hard (especially cultural change). It is not easy to become a CloudFirst, APIFirst, PrivacyFirst, CustomerFirst and Self-Service organization overnight. But modernization is making firms take the hards steps to make that a reality.  Orion EIIG brings an end-to-end view of the data/technology supply chain and provides transparency, while building trust and propagating it on such large efforts. EIIG also provides the space for collaboration for these efforts to succeed.

Accelerating Governance Programs to provide Operational Risk Mitigation

Business Problem

Exfiltration of business sensitive data by internal resources. Enterprise Security has no visibility into how sensitive information flows within their landscape. The financial and reputational cost of data loss can be catastrophic to a company.

The Orion Governance Solution

  • Promote visibility into how sensitive assets move through the enterprise’s landscape
  • Enhance controls and prevent data exfiltration

Business Benefits with Orion Governance

Understanding how sensitive assets flow through the IT Landscape and gaining visibility into the access controls in place during their transit can help reduce the operational risk exposure significantly. IT risk is a significant part of operational risk and can have serious financial implications for enterprises.

Reduced Costs at Firms that have Modernized their infrastructures

The Project

Becoming a CloudFirst, APIFirst, PrivacyFirst, Self-Service, Customer-Centric or Data-Centric organization in order to capture market share, become data-driven, build growth/revenue/profitability quickly.

Business Problem

Businesses want to become more automated and leverage their resources more effectively to address immediate needs that are currently taking too long to resolve.

The Orion Governance Solution

One solution is to leverage a Vendor managed solutioning that brings a valuable/lacking capability to the organization quickly in a plug and play model with minimal integration required. Another is to fund a big effort, bring external consultants and roll out a solution that would be fully functional in a few years. Orion EIIG is a vital feather in the cap for all these efforts if only to get the end-to-end view of the organization’s data supply chain as it exists today in order to make quick decisions on the progress path for such a project.

Business Benefits with Orion Governance

Increased Revenue, Growth and Profitability opportunities along with credibility with customers become apparent when such efforts are successfully rolled out.

Cost Savings with Orion Governance

The reduced technology footprint, reduced cybersecurity risk, and better management of resources allows firms to minimize costs and reduce liabilities.

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