Hybrid Cloud / Multi-Cloud

Orion Governance Use Case

Making Complex Cloud Migrations Easy

Cloud Data migrations are complex and challenging, since they are generally an extensive legacy migration involving structured, unstructured, sensitive, IOT data, big data and business glossaries dataset and Clients don’t want customers exposed to a broken production application or processes due to the migration. They also obfuscate the need for more technology specialists,  both during and after the migration.  While Cloud solves some problems,  it also creates new levels of complexity. Subject matter experts, database virtualization, significant testing and mock releases with staff and partners have to all come together for success.

What complicates things at some organizations even further is the fact that the single Cloud vendor approach is becoming a multi-cloud computing vendor approach where lock-in to a single vendor is minimized. Some even want/require the clouds to be interoperable. These technology investments in Hybrid-Cloud or Multi-Cloud add a lot of complexity and risk as well, if critical workloads are on a single cloud provider. But it is critical to know all your Legacy Data and information assets to achieve that success. That’s the view the Orion EIIG provides through the Data Fabric, for Cloud migrations to be successful.

Cost Effective Cloud Migration and Operational Risk Mitigation

Business Problem

Exfiltration of business sensitive data by internal resources. Enterprise Security has no visibility into how sensitive information flows within their landscape. The financial and reputational cost of data loss can be catastrophic to a company.

The Orion Governance Solution

  • Promote visibility into how sensitive assets move through the enterprise’s landscape
  • Enhance controls and prevent data exfiltration

Business Benefits with Orion Governance

Understanding how sensitive assets flow through the IT Landscape and gaining visibility into the access controls in place during their transit can help reduce the operational risk exposure significantly. IT risk is a significant part of operational risk and can have serious financial implications for enterprises.

Reduce Costs at Firms that have Hybrid-Cloud/Multi-Cloud infrastructures

The Project

An organization with a white-label solution has a client who wants to use one vendor for their cloud solution, while another client wants to use another vendor for their cloud solution.

Business Problem

Managing the expectations of both clients to provide the white-label solution their product can rely on.

The Orion Governance Solution

Implementing a multi-cloud approach for both clients needs to be satisfied in using the organization’s white-label product. When the Multi-Cloud solution is put in place Orion EIIG can help provide the traceability and transparency to view the data supply chain, necessary for each client specific needs to ensure everything is being captured and transmitted through the complex architectures correctly.

Business Benefits with Orion Governance

Orion EIIG provides the necessary layer to build trust that data is flowing correctly through the data supply chain.

Cost Savings with Orion Governance

Reduced costs as a result of redundant tools that do the same things on hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

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