Orion Governance Use Case

Helping Banks Overcome Data Challenges

Banks are challenged by a number of reasons to meet the 14 principles and becoming compliant with BCBS-239 lies against the 5 primary sections:

Governance and infrastructure

Risk data aggregation capabilities

Risk reporting practices

Review, remediation and corporation


Orion Governance Understands What Banks Are Up Against

The reality at many banks is that they:

  • Have complied with the calculation and reporting requirements of Basel II and III but have implemented them in “tactical” ways.
  • Still operate using siloes of risk data for different subsidiaries, lines of business, types of risk etc.
  • Have little or no transparency or lineage of data used for risk and Basel.
  • Have weak data governance, including aspects such as reconciliation, data dictionaries, taxonomies and metadata.
  • Have limited ability to meet future / changing requirements due to the inflexible nature of their infrastructure.

Facts from Orion EIIG’s Automated Metadata Discovery

  1. Governance: Facts about data asset “health” enabling to focus data governance & compliance efforts on data assets that have the most value & risk for business usage
  2. Data Architecture: Architecture simplification, harmonization, data mart consolidation & data placement optimization
    • Reduce data redundancy, latency, inconsistency
    • Reduce cost of data movement, synchronization & reconciliation
    • Reduce system administration & system maintenance
  3. Accuracy and Integrity: Use Automation to discover the authoritative or the most valuable data sources for a given master data subject area -> Maximizing reuse of data, Improving consistency & trust of data & Reducing costs
  4. Completeness: Enable fact-based decisions to consolidate data duplication and business reporting views that are similar
  5. Timeliness: Minimize redundant and unused data flows – Identify overlapping data flows with subject area analysis. Avoid creation and maintenance of redundant data
  6. Adaptability: Automated & Accurate Impact Analysis
  7. Accuracy: Reconciliation across platforms – Uncover lineage to support financial reporting data and ensure compliance
  8. Comprehensiveness: Automated transparency ensures complete, accurate, repeatable & scalable approach to compliance.
  9. Clarity: Use Automation to create & maintain Business Views over Data Assets
  10. Frequency: Avoid data movement and other processes requiring reconciliation and additional “processing” of data
  11. Distribution: Enable Business Self service – Use Insights to impact key business processes – bringing value to the business faster. Minimize the level of technical understanding required to make use of data

The focus of BCBS-239 is on the Quality of governance, data and reporting processes.

The key here is that firms that apply additional rigor to their existing practices with a complement of Metadata, Data Lineage, Data Quality and Data Governance programs, processes, tools and resources are more successful at being compliant with the 14 BCBS-239 principles.

Orion Governance EIIG helps deliver that compliance by bringing a centralized automated, AI/ML supported, real-time comprehensive view of all data assets in the data supply chain with Zero Impact to Production (ZIP), upon which actions and decisions can be made.

Reduce Operational Costs in a Financial Institution

The Project

Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) automated the analysis of more than 30000 Datastage jobs and find duplicates, select*, and identify hotspots in the environment. Working together with the customer to prioritize the ”Low Hanging” opportunities for code optimization.

Business Problem

Reduce the footprint of IT systems to cut operating costs and reduce risk exposure.

The Orion Governance Solution

Ingest the clients’ Datastage jobs to provide insights into the code that they have developed over many years and siloed departments.

Business Benefits with Orion Governance

Increased reliability, efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Cost Savings

Reduced the footprint by 30%. Reduced the operational costs to the tune of $1M/month.

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