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Orion Governance was proud to deliver a data catalog demo as part of DATAVERSITY Demo Day in April. This data catalog demo provides an overview of EIIG and why a data catalog is so important.

A data catalog is an excellent first step to understanding and governing your data. But there’s more to do. Enterprises need the right tools in place.

All-In-One Data Catalog Platform

EIIG is an all-in-one platform delivering a self-defined data fabric that weaves your catalog with a:

  • dynamic glossary,
  • automatic metadata discovery,
  • end-to-end data lineage, impact, and root cause analysis,
  • and machine learning-assisted description of technical data assets in business terms.

EIIG can handle all those functions without coding and with ZERO impact on your production systems.

Watch the DATAVERSITY data catalog demo to learn how EIIG can be fully deployed in 1 to 2 months to benefit everyone on the team from analysts to data architects. Gain a comprehensive view of the enterprise data landscape with EIIG’s data catalog. Contact Orion Governance today for more information.

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