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How Chief Data & Analytics Officers (CDAO) Meet Their Goals with Orion’s EIIG

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is useful across teams and roles. This video focuses on how Chief Data & Analytics Officers (CDAOs) can leverage EIIG to meet their goals and drive better business outcomes.

CDAOs are entrusted with the crucial responsibility of overseeing the intricate web of data that flows through an organization and mine its value. Amid ever-evolving technologies and an avalanche of data, CDAOs know they need a solution that could empower their employees to better use their data in order to make informed decisions.

EIIG Is Different from Any Other Platform

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is a beacon of light in the data chaos. As a self-defined data fabric, EIIG is the next-generation metadata management and data governance platform that revolutionizes the way enterprises manage their data assets.

EIIG is an all-in-one platform seamlessly integrating:

  • data lineage,
  • data catalog,
  • impact analysis,
  • active metadata,
  • and metadata analytics.

One of the reasons that EIIG stands out from other platforms is its broad technology support spanning from the mainframe including PL1, JCL, and COBOL to modern programming languages like Python and Java. This versatility is exactly what enterprises and CDAOs need to establish a holistic view of all data assets.

CDAOs at Banks Use EIIG to Handle Compliance

CDAOs at banks face challenges in compliance, be it GDPR, CCPA, SOX, or BCBS 239. EIIG’s prowess in creating a federated view of data assets and establishing end-to-end traceability not only accelerates data migration projects but also ensures compliance with various regulations.

EIIG’s AI/ML-empowered automation is a game-changer in a rapidly changing tech landscape. EIIG provides required data transparency without manual interference.

How CDAOs Implement EIIG

The journey for CDAOs to harness EIIG’s magic is delightfully straightforward.

Step 1: Define

Define what information assets require understanding for business decisions. EIIG’s support for a wide range of technologies including for the Mainframe environment, Python, and Java, gives enterprises the flexibility they need. EIIG supports 70+ technologies, more than any other active metadata management platform.

Step 2: Upload

EIIG’s concept of “Zero Impact on Production” (ZIP) is a breath of fresh air. There is no disruption to any systems. Just upload the information assets, and EIIG works its magic.

Step 3: Ingest

EIIG intelligently analyzes the entire IT landscape, creating a comprehensive map of information assets regardless of their nature.

The insight magic EIIG brings is unparalleled. In near real-time, CDAOs have the power to manage changes, embrace disruption, and ensure the continuity of their operations. The simplicity of EIIG’s usage and maintenance further fortifies a CDAO’s resolve to move forward with their teams using EIIG regularly.

In the end, from the perspective of a Chief Data & Analytics Officer, EIIG transforms the approach to data governance and management. It is no longer a labyrinthine task, but rather an orchestrated symphony of information that guides CDAOs towards making decisions that resonate with accuracy and agility.

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