Reducing Total Cost of Ownership


Large number of processes needed to move data to fulfill business reporting needs. Analyze the assets and identify areas of optimization that will help promote stability, reduce redundancy.

Business Problem

Operational, maintenance and license costs are skyrocketing. Need to reduce the costs by 30%

The Solution
  • Visibility into the quality of code delivered by vendors
  • Detect bad coding practices
  • Reduce maintenance caused by unnecessary code duplication
  • Reduce operational risk by detecting bad coding practices
Business Benefits

By exposing bad practices, the business was able to pre-empt a maintenance nightmare post acceptance of the product. The outsourcing vendor was asked to remediate their code after having only spent a few hours in the harvester to find the anomalies. The said case involved more than 2 million lines of Java code.

Cost Savings

The ability to generate near real-time traceability saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in resource costs and offset penalties that would have arisen from non-compliance.