GDPR Compliance for a Global Retailer


Orion solved the problem by providing an Automated near Realtime Solution to trace GDPR related assets in 8 weeks!

Business Problem

Traceability of customer information for GDPR, financial reporting tied to business terms.

The Solution

Traceability of information assets across Informatica, Microsoft SSAS, Cognos and Netezza, searchable by the business using business vocabulary.

Business Benefits

The fundamental step towards addressing GDPR requirements, Article30 is to “know your data” cross the Information landscape.

This GDPR engagement provided full visibility of information assets and created better understanding from business users on the information they use for decisions. First step for optimizing Data self service with trusted data.

Cost Savings

The solution enabled the customer to provide near real-time traceability with a higher level of accuracy and offload multiple resources who were dedicated to fulfilling the regulatory requirement. The cost savings is in excess of hundreds of thousands of Euros per year. In addition the customer avoided spending extra for a POC that a leading vendor was asking for.