The map relies on a solid foundation of sound technical facts on how information is structured and interconnected within your information systems, extracted and exposed automatically by our tools at unprecedented level of detail in near real time

Product Offering

Information systems undergo constant development and change. Detailed oversight of information assets is extremely time consuming and costly as the details tend to be hidden from plain sight behind the data structures and code that moves, transforms and stores data. Without proper means of automating the oversight, companies tend to accept a degree of ambiguity as a trade-off to make timely changes to their systems.


We will ease these pain points by merging structured, unstructured and legacy data into one powerful data center. Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph will extract metadata and data transformation code automatically without impacting source systems and use it to compile a detailed map of all information assets and the relations between them. Insight into end-to-end data lineage to solve issues related to data provenance and impact analysis is available out-of-the-box, without any custom development. The system can be set to increment the map as often as necessary to keep it in sync with the source systems near-real time.


Our platform has all the tools you need to see your data as it should be – an asset.

Technical Features

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph has a comprehensive set of features to make the work of everyone involved in data governance more efficient.

Supported Technologies

Our scanners extract information from a wide range of technical platforms from legacy systems like JCL/Cobol to modern Big-Data applications.