Support for Teradata Bteq, TPT includes lineage through: Volatile Tables Stored Procedures Handling of parameterized scripts The performance of our technology is such that we scanned 2 million lines of Teradata bteq for one of our customers and generated lineage in < 20 minutes.


SAS support extends to the following: SAS DI Studio jobs SAS Base code Orion’s SAS scanner ingests SAS package exports to generate detailed lineage. We automatically connect business terms to the technology assets to help identify what jobs and base code are handling sensitive information. In addition to this our platform helps identify coding redundancies…


SAP’s technologies that we currently support extracting lineage from include: SAP HANA (Includes calculation views, Business Objects on HANA) SAP Business Objects (we ingest .unv or .unx formats to provide detailed lineage) SAP Data Services (Formerly known as BODS)


CA Enterprise scheduler lineage is supported for the following editions: AE DE EE Our Scanners can connect process flows and wrapper scripts to give the user a top-down view of lineage. It is also possible to look at the predecessor and successor processes and overlay operational metadata. This gives the enterprise full visibility into how…