The Best Customer Experience

We understand Metadata Management isn’t the easiest process. We are there to make sure that you have the best customer experience from get-go and help to internalize the knowledge required to make the best use of the software. We will assist you when your technical landscape expands to keep up with the evolution of your business. For everything in between, we will be there to reach out for technical support, training and to help you sustain and maintain your solution to maximize its performance.

Our Professional Services team offers global consulting and implementation support and services with deep technical expertise. Orion Governance consultants and project managers have extensive experience implementing our software in many industries, including financial services, retail, software, healthcare, airline, manufacturing and nonprofit. The combined experience and skills (technical, business, and strategic) make us a unique partner to accelerate your information governance journey.


Our software is easy to install and the set-up of the system to extract metadata and visualize data lineage will take less than a day. Still we do believe that our assistance helps our customers to make the most of our software, faster. Our FastSTART package is tailored to hit the ground running and will guarantee the fastest possible return on your investment.

During FastSTART our consultants will help you to install and deploy Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph(EIIG) and provide assistance with the initial population of the system: extract the technical assets form source systems, identify your critical data flows and guide you throughout your data governance journey to be compliant and meet statutory requirements.

Metadata Management Solutions

Depending on our customer needs, we can offer on-site, off-site or hybrid (on/off site) implementation. We also offer in class and on-the-job knowledge transfer so our customers can sustain and maintain the system upon the completion of the implementation.

We want to ensure our customers are successful!


We offer full support of our software during customer’s local business hours. Every customer has access to our support portal where they can ask questions, submit feature requests, open/track issues and collaborate with our global support team.

Our service team is strategically located around the globe, spanning North America, EMEA, and APAC. Strategic locations allows Orion Governance to offer premium support to “follow-the-sun” should the customers need it.

We want our software to be as low-maintenance as possible, but whenever our customers might need our support, we make sure we are there for them.

Advisory Services

Above and beyond implementation and support services our customers can take a full advantage of our deep and wide expertise by engaging our Strategy Service Team.

Orion Governance Strategy Service Team helps our customers to evaluate or give recommendations on how to architect, build and accelerate a successful data governance program. We can assist also in analysing your existing governance setup, review system architecture and identify possibilities for optimization.

Incidentally, the detailed information captured by Orion Governance software can be used for so much more than just data governance. Whether our customers may need assistance in detecting duplicate processes in their ETL flow or confidence when migrating or sunsetting their legacy systems, our consultants can help to make the best use our software. We can even assist you to harness whatever data is available in your information systems to drive your digital transformation initiatives.

Orion Governance will help you to make the most of your information assets!