Organizations everywhere, from retailers to global enterprises, are relying on operational data to make everyday business decisions. It is crucial to be able to trust the data. Blind, unverified trust could lead to wrong decisions with dire consequences.

Orion empowers organizations to trust their data by helping to understand the current state of their information landscape. Traditional methods for that are labor-intense, time-consuming and costly, resulting in inadequate coverage or being out-of-sync with the current developments. Our Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph exposes true data sources and data lineage across multiple systems and connects business meaning to the underlying technical assets automatically, providing real-time coverage.

Banks and other financial institutions

Financial institutions everywhere are facing challenges when it comes to complying to regulations like BCBS 239, CRD IV, CCAR and Solvency II. Applying good governance over information assets is the key to becoming compliant.

Understanding the current state of the information systems is required not just for positive regulatory assessments, it is vital to support risk reduction and prepare for any economic challenges. Timeliness is also proving to be a challenge when it comes to reporting in large financial institutions that span multiple information systems. Orion can provide insight on the timing of data integration jobs across the systems in addition to exposing true provenance.

A large bank with business critical systems relying on legacy technologies was struggling to get BCBS 239 compliant. They set Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph to ingest the PL/I files from their production system and achieved end-to-end lineage and traceability of critical data elements throughout the system. Our algorithms seamlessly connect customer’s business terms to technical information assets and create comprehensive lineage landscape, that can be visually explored and exported.

Healthcare & Health Insurance

The healthcare industry is being transformed. Treatment has become more patient-centric, there are new payment arrangements and new technologies such as wearable devices are producing magnitude more data. Above all, there is the increased need to protect sensitive data (PII, PCI, PHI) which has given birth to stricter regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA and HiTrust. Information management has become essential to handle complex, inconsistent and disparate data. Orion provides means to identify and manage data flows containing sensitive information across multiple systems.

Other Institutions

Orion Governance platform brings value to enterprises and organizations in other sectors as well. Rule of thumb is that customers with bigger and more complex technical environments are facing bigger data governance challenges and the positive impact of deploying Orion Governance software is bigger as well. Big telecommunications, retail, airline and logistics companies tend to face large scale data governance challenges, especially the ones that have ingested multiple information systems by mergers and acquisitions or those that have inherited business critical legacy systems from the past. Governmental organization also tend to rely on legacy systems to power at least part of their information infrastructure.

A global telecommunication company needed better insight into their reporting system. Their system was complex – thousands of Java programs, Python scripts and ETL jobs processing information. The setup of the system involved Python scripts calling functions in Java classes. Customer was looking for shared insight into the trustworthiness of those Java functions for the results of their reporting to be trusted. Our platform helped them by exposing the horizontal inter-system data lineage connecting these different technologies together, in scalable and automated manner.