Data fabrics add augmented intelligence to modernize your data integration

Data fabric – augmented data catalogs are a must for a successful and thriving data management strategy. According to Gartner, “Data and analytics leaders must introduce a data fabric design to rationalize cluttered integration environments that have become unmanageable over decades.”

To modernize your data management solution, Gartner recommends:

  • “Investing in augmented data catalogs”
  • “Combine different data integration styles to incorporate a portfolio-based approach into the data integration strategy”
  • “Establish a technology base for the data fabric and identify the core capabilities required before making further purchases”

Read about the 5 key pillars of a comprehensive data fabric design in the report.

Gartner, Data Fabrics Add Augmented Intelligence to Modernize Your Data Integration, 17 December 2019,
Ehtisham Zaidi, Eric Thoo, Guido De Simoni, Mark Beyer

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