Enterprises are a collection of a number of organizations and lines of business that process information independently of one another. They may use a mix of technologies in the movement, transformation and the reporting of information. Information dependencies within an enterprise are truly not understood due to the complexity of the information landscape. It is impossible to find a single person, who is, both a subject matter expert and a technologist. There lies the complexity in trying to trace how information is handled as it passes through the various siloes within an enterprise. Data lineage provides enterprises the ability to visualize the information flow across the silos in an automated, vendor and technology agnostic manner.

EIIG makes Data Lineage have a lasting impact

The Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) platform automatically connects the dots across all data assets within the data supply chain to make real-time data lineage based traceability possible. EIIG allows all users to participate and collaborate on this transparent view of their data supply chain assets.
To achieve such a vision, Metadata Ingestors support60+ technologies, to extract metadata and automatically creating information flows; all flavors of on-prem (mainframe/databases), cloud (AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Google Cloud), programming languages (Java, Javascript, Scala, Python, etc.), applications/systems, reports and unstructured data. A push based approach to metadata processing can be set up via version control software with Zero Impact to Production (ZIP).

EIIG leverages AI/ML to automatically connect business terms down to a field level and builds a curated data catalog. EIIG detects and stitches dependencies between systems to create the Data Fabric. Dependencies across technologies is not a problem. Information is clustered into business groupings, allowing users to visualize and understand the data fabric pertaining to their needs; called the ‘Perspective View’. This brings real-time, active metadata, data catalog, data quality, governance and analytics all together. The net result is end-to-end real-time traceability with auto-classification of metadata using automation with AI/ML from sourcing points to report consumption points.

Clients Succeed with EIIG!

Most businesses have legacy technologies that are ever changing to support daily operations. These tools, technologies, programming languages came about in an uncoordinated fashion. And when it comes to Data, there’s a high level of fragmentation, unconnectedness, different definitions of terms, and rules that bind them, data flow paths taken, integrity of the data, trustworthiness and documentation around it. Firms find it difficult to quickly track data issues and resolve them, identifying the cause or conducting impact analysis for an event within the hour.

The pandemic has put pressure on many firms, who are now embarking on multi-year digital transformation, data modernization, data migrations to the cloud, greenfield and process improvement efforts. Many laws and regulations are being enforced (BCBS-239, Security, Privacy etc.). Rigorous audits require traceability to mitigate fines and penalties. Security breaches, ransomware and phishing are additional concerns for firms. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a great tool for end-to-end data traceability and transparency in this climate. Orion EIIG is that tool, ready to use out of the box. It is an invaluable tool for any firm burdened with decades of legacy technologies.