Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) ingests metadata from a wide variety of technology sources and processes it to build a comprehensive knowledge graph that connects all systems/applications within the enterprise together, thereby creating a self-defined data fabric. A self-defined data fabric is one that is built based on factual metadata. This is significantly different from other solutions in the market that used technological concepts such as virtualization to create a “conceptual” data fabric. The problem with conceptual data fabric is that it is typically not grounded to reality and requires a significant amount of human effort to keep it updated as the enterprise technology landscape changes.

EIIG, by automatically connecting all the assets within an enterprise essentially breaks down metadata silos. Metadata silos are one of the root-causes behind data anomalies within organizations. Not being able to see how datatypes are defined and/or should be often results in anomalies. EIIG also allows the loading of active metadata, which enriches the information available in the data fabric. The incorporation of active metadata allows businesses to leverage the data fabric effectively.