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3 Major Capabilities of Deep Cataloging in A Data Fabric

This blog discusses how three capabilities--coverage of all type of technologies, automatic application of quality and business policies and rules, and facilitation of collaboration and meeting the needs of all types of users--are essential to deep cataloging or active data catalog in a data fabric.


Whitepaper: Blue Cross Blue Shield: Successful Legacy Modernization

This paper describes a technology-driven approach and best practices that BCBS can apply to achieve successful modernization projects using Orion’s EIIG. This approach relies heavily on an automated understanding of underlying code, data flows, transformations, and data controls so that the project would achieve the highest possible probability for success at the lowest cost and with the least disruption to the business.


Defeating COVID-19

The CDO of a Fortune 50 company, who wondered, "Why do I have such a large staff to keep my systems running on a daily basis?" Could it be that over the years, there has been duplication of functionality because teams operated in silos and the lack of maturity of metadata management tools precluded investigation opportunities to reduce their IT footprint? Orion demonstrated within 2 weeks on how the company could reduce their costs by 30%.


4 Key Benefits of Data Fabric

This blog discusses the four key benefits of self-defined data fabric--boosting productivity via self-service, reducing costs with automation, complying with regulation, and accelerating modernization projects.


Whitepaper: Why do enterprises need real-time impact analysis

The information landscape in every enterprise is a collection of different technologies, Legacy, modern and a hybrid of on-premise and in the cloud-based technologies. There is no single person within an enterprise who is well versed with all the technologies that are used to plumb the information flow and generate reports that are critical to the function of the enterprise. The situation is further aggravated when companies outsource the maintenance or the upkeep of legacy systems to third parties. It is hard to question the bill from the outsourced company, when there aren't enough experts in house who can question the cost estimation.


Whitepaper: Successful Legacy Modernization

As many companies mature and press forward with their digitalization journey, modernizing legacy platforms plays a key role. This paper describes a technology-driven approach and best practices that companies can apply to achieve successful modernization projects using Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG).