EIIG ingests metadata from Mainframe all the way to big data systems and programming languages

Graph technology organizes metadata to analyze data lineage, impact and operational execution

Visualization that is consumable by various business and technology roles

Resolves problem of data trust and transparency

Helps reduce complexity by finding overlapping workflows

Supports out-of-the-box compliance for pillars of GDPR, CCPA, BCBS-239, HIPAA, which includes traceability of sensitive data

Time to Value in weeks not months

Lowest TCO in the industry

Find all your information

Share and give feedback

Know the source of truth

Build a rapid governance foundation

Future Proofed & Open API

Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph is vendor agnostic and makes it easy to integrate with external tools


Cloud migration


Seeing is Believing

Let us show you how you can find the right information and its impact in minutes!