Enterprise Information
Intelligence Graph

Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is an enterprise metadata management platform that leverages automation, ML/AI to provide a near-real time map and analytics of the enterprise.

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Technical Features

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph has a comprehensive set of features to make the work of everyone involved in information governance more efficient.

Quick and easy to deploy and set up

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph ships as an all-inclusive container and is easy to set up. There is no need for manual effort to define metadata. Initial population of the system can be managed in hours as everything works automatically, out-of-the-box, there is no hassle and cost of creating and integrating separate mapping documents involved.

Non-intrusive extraction of metadata

We use technical metadata to govern structured assets and do not require access to customer’s data. Metadata can be extracted directly from source systems or discretely from export files or code. In either way the extraction process has minimal footprint and does not interfere with the operation of the source systems.

Central metadata repository

All information we extract from source systems is stored and stitched centrally into a single holistic landscape of all information assets which can be gradually enriched and annotated with additional information. This allows us to perform advanced processing of metadata, out of reach for solutions that merely scan source structures and pass them forward to other tools for storage and processing.

Support for full automation

The processes that keep our representation of the information asset landscape in sync with the source systems can be fully automated. Our Job API allows full control over creating, managing and executing metadata extraction and processing jobs so that everything can be set up to be coordinated from enterprise scheduler.

Metadata catalog and business glossary

Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph has browser-based user interface to explore all technical information assets and related business context. It is an one-stop-shop for all questions regarding data provenance and lineage, impact analysis and other areas of information governance. It also provides the users with powerful collaboration tools.

Customized dashboards

Our customers can build custom dashboards to help them to solve various everyday data stewardship problems in addition to standard aggregate reports on information assets or the process of metadata extraction.

BPM support

The system provides means to launch pre-defined processes in external business process management (BPM) environments, provide relevant context and query the status of such processes. This powerful functionality can be leveraged to initiate and monitor issue remediation or change management workflows directly from within the metadata catalog or business glossary.

Versioning support for perfect audit trail

We support incremental extraction of assets from source systems and facilitate tracking changes in the information asset landscape to provide full audit trail of the state of the landscape at the moment corresponding to an incident or publishing moment of a certain report for instannce.

Metadata export to third party tools

The structure of our information asset landscape, the dependencies between the assets and all related information can be exported to third party tools over our metadata API for further exploration or analysis. Utilizing that, we have developed seamless bridges to leading data governance tools on the market.