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How Chief Data Officers (CDO) Meet Their Goals with Orion’s EIIG

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is the solution for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) looking to implement an effective data strategy.

The major responsibilities of a Chief Data Officer include defining data management strategy, translating it into tactical steps, ensuring data security and quality, and supporting the enterprise’s digital transformation. CDOs are also expected to initiate cost-saving projects.

Many CDOs find it difficult to translate any of these goals into improvements in their system landscape. They don’t have a clear picture of how their systems interact, how data flows through them, how much to trust their data, and how much of their data is outdated or redundant. They spend a lot of time and effort gathering this information, and by the time it’s available, it’s outdated. It’s a nightmare, or at least a major headache.

EIIG is the solution. EIIG handles everything CDOs need for active metadata management.

EIIG automatically ingests metadata from 70+ technology sources without requiring any coding and weaves it into a knowledge graph and creates a catalog. It offers detailed end-to-end data lineage & other capabilities such as impact and root cause analysis, and active metadata. EIIG also enables enterprises to relate technical assets with business terms. With EIIG, enterprises can build a self-defined data fabric that was based on facts of the assets and create a living, breathing map of information flow in near real-time.

How Orion Governance’s EIIG helps CDOs:

  • See how data is populated
  • Check the impact of a change before it occurs
  • Gives their team access to a powerful automated platform
  • Check if reports are populated correctly
  • Review an automatically generated end-to-end flow of data
  • See a system-level view or dive in for full details
  • Standardize data mesh
  • Collaborate with teams more easily
  • Accelerate migration success
  • Implement data strategies
  • Ensures data security
  • Improves planning for digital transformation
  • Reduce costs

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