Overcoming Retail Data Challenges

Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) Empowers Retailers to Navigate Complex Unified Commerce Supply Chain Information Landscapes

A “GPS” to Light the Way

EIIG provides retailers with a digital map-like system to navigate intelligently through their complex unified commerce supply chain information landscape. With EIIG, retailers can get a better understanding of what is going on in their complex network of supply chain systems.

  • Detect bottlenecks quickly in real-time

  • Unlock the value of data efficiently
  • Reduce costs with automation
  • Accelerate the pace of digital transformation

Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is a self-defined data fabric platform that allows any of your systems and users to discover, trust, and reuse your enterprise’s data assets.

EIIG automatically collects all forms of metadata, be it technical, business, operational, or social, and builds a catalog automatically based on these facts of the data assets. This bottom-up, fact-based approach is essential to a self-defined data fabric with discoverable, trusted, and reusable data.

EIIG offers the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry and natively integrates key capabilities such as data lineage, data catalog, active metadata, and metadata analytics in one single product.

EIIG supports over 60+ technologies.

EIIG automatically ingests metadata from a wide range of technologies across operating platforms, programming languages, ETL tools and business intelligence tools.

EIIG’s capability of handling complex datasets from all these technologies enables enterprises to break down data silos and bridge various complex systems to present a unified and near real-time view of disparate data across your enterprise.

The retail environment of the future will revolve around customer experiences. Omnichannel management capabilities and skills will be critical for this transformation.

Data will underpin all operations in the new environment, so a complete understanding and mastery of enterprise data assets is a prerequisite for growth and long-term viability in the retail space.

EIIG is a self-defined data fabric platform that provide this mastery. It has an unmatched ability to reach and ingest metadata for structured and unstructured data assets. It connects with all platforms and absorbs existing code, job control language, scripts, and so forth to build the most comprehensive knowledge graph available today.

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“Orion EIIG team has been very collaborative and listening to our inputs and fulfilling them when applicable. We have a very complex solution which they have supported and provided end-to-end lineage in a constructive and innovative way.”

- Architect in Retail Industry

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Data Management Will Be Crucial to the Next Stage in Retail Evolution

“Technology has not traditionally been core to retailers’ operations, and so many may struggle to meet the latest data challenges.

Even early adopters may be ill-equipped for the next stage in the digitalization of the industry. Their data may be tied up in on-prem legacy systems that can’t be expanded. They may lack the computing power to crunch through the volumes of data needed to drive future retail operations, and they may be tied into software licenses that are outdated and not upgradeable.

Without the right skills, companies may find their transitions make matters worse. There can be no place for the “lift and shift” concept here, where the adage “garbage in, garbage out” is likely to ring true.” – Orion CEO Ramesh Shurma

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